Let’s Be Robust?

Being a registered dietitian (RD) I often find myself helping people eat healthier. Also being a runner, I often find myself helping people stay motivated to keep up their activity levels. Being a Christian, I often find myself needing help with growth in my faith.  That being said, I want to help others and need help from others to stay healthy!

My goal for, “Let’s Be Robust” is to engage people in thinking about and most importantly DOING something about their physical, mental and spiritual health.

“Robust” is defined in a few ways by Merriam-Webster:

 1) Exhibiting strength or vigorous health

2) Capable of performing without failure under a wide range of conditions

3) Full-bodied or hearty

Synonyms include: able-bodied, fit, healthy, well conditioned, wholesome, hearty, well, hale…along with bouncing (thought bouncing was a little silly  but it means to be lively, animated and in good health! Heck, let’s be bouncing then!). 

These definitions of the word “robust” can relate to food, fitness and faith.

Food should be nutrient dense, taste good and be something we enjoy! Our meals should be “wholesome” and have “full-bodied” flavor.  In order for us to be “robust” let’s choose foods that are nutrient packed; foods to keep us “hale,” and “well.”

To “exhibit strength and health” we need to move our bodies. Move our bodies in a way that we are “well conditioned.” Staying active and upkeeping our fitness is important to staying “robust.”

And finally, being a Christian  means having a relationship with Jesus Christ.  That relationship and faith should be “without failure under a wide range of conditions.” We should work towards becoming “wholesome,” people that are “well conditioned” in our faith.

If you didn’t know already, robust is an all encompassing word really… 😉

Please join me, I’d like for you and me to work toward being strong, fit, healthy and wholesome…toward being robust!

Thanks for reading. I’d love for you to follow my blog. Please add comments, topic requests and questions.

Let’s Be Robust!!!


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