Robust Fitness

Robust Fitness: Having a “robust” fitness means to be well-conditioned, strong, and fit!

Let’s Stay Active: Staying active is imperative to living a healthy lifestyle. Do you have to run marathons? Finish an iron man? Absolutely not. The key is being active at whatever level you are comfortable with on a regular basis. Find something that you enjoy…biking, swimming, kickboxing, softball, soccer, walking a pet, running, basketball, hop scotch, jump rope, roller bladding, skiing, lifting weights, dancing, doing intense house cleaning, join a gym or do a work out video.

My Fitness: I personally love running. I’ve run 4 marathons now and am hooked. I also enjoy turbo kick and step aerobics at the YMCA. I keep active through hiking, walking Tango (our dog),   weight lifting, biking and other recreational sports like playing soccer with Justin or playing right field in the summer on a soft ball league.

Charlie has been one of my inspirations for running. I met him on my first marathon in 2008 at the Olathia KS marathon. He ran with me for a long time and left me at mile 21.  He finished 10 min before me!!! I think he averaged ~6 marathons a year since he was 21!!!

Justin and I before Stillwater Marathon in 2010

Waving at the camera while running Fargo Marathon 2011

Most recent marathon (2012) in Nebraska. Ran a 3:40:35- not quite Boston qualifying time, I’m gonna try for it next time!


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