About Julie


Thanks for taking a look at my blog! Here’s a little about me, Julie.

I’m a registered dietitian. I’m all about eating all foods in moderation and choosing foods that are realistic and sustainable for you.

I’m a wife.  We got married in 2011 and couldn’t be happier. My husband’s name is Justin and he is a critical care paramedic, ultra marathon runner, rodeo clown, drummer, and a wonderful husband. He definitely doesn’t let our lives get boring :)

I’m a runner. I’ve run a couple marathons, half marathons, 10 milers and many 5K’s. I enjoy running with others and also love the competitiveness I get within myself when I run alone.

I’m a Christian. I love Jesus Christ and strive to be more like Him.

I’m convinced I have the best family members and coolest friends a girl could ask for.

I’m a baker and a chef…haha at least I try….Hope you trust my recipes 😉

I’m a dog owner; getting closer, one day at a time, to a dog lover.

I love being outside..biking, skiing, walking, running, playing soccer, playing right field in softball, camping…

I love cowboy boots, belt buckles and country music.

Not much of a writer; I’m trying to be more of one with this blog!

I also love me a new adventure and challenge.

Now, tell me a little about you!

"Trust me- I'm an RD"

I’m married to a clown :p

My most recent marathon in Omaha NE!

Our Australian Shepherd, Tango! She’s ready to play!


3 Responses to About Julie

  1. Bethany says:

    My favorite picture of you on here is by far the one of you in your wedding dress. You look way too cute…

  2. Sarah says:

    I miss this blog. And your face:)

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