Boring Workouts?

Fitness Tip: Boring Workouts?

I don’t know about you, but I get really bored of some of my workouts… Here are some ideas to spice up your calorie burning sessions for all seasons of the year!

1) Watch a movie or a favorite TV show while you workout (plan your workouts around your favorite TV show)

2) Bring a book or fun magazine to the gym and read while on a bike, elliptical, treadmill, step climber…

3) Find a fitness class that interests you! Go to the class at least 3 times before deciding you don’t like it. It takes time to catch on.

4) Switch up your workout, try a new machine at the gym.

And if you feel like it embarrass yourself by wearing two different running shoes!


5) Weight lift much?

6) Dance! (I’ve never tried zumba, I think it looks like a lot of fun!)

7) What’s the weather like? Is it raining (with no lightning)? GO PUDDLE JUMPING! If it’s snowing? MAKE A SNOWMAN or HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT!

8) Go for a trail run (or hike)- they are soooo much better than running on roads or a treadmill. Here are some pictures I’ve taken while out on a trail run or hike…

Estes Park


9) Plan on just walking or hiking (half the time I plan on just going for a walk, I end up running because I get too impatient with walking..It kinda tricks me into wanting to run)

quick walk after and before work.


10) Play catch or kick a soccer ball back and forth with a friend- try running and passing at the same time to break a sweat.

11) Try a workout video! The library has lots you can check out for free!

12)  Do Pilates!

13) YOGA (My favorite thing to pretend I know how to do)

Doing some of my favorite things...hiking in the Montana mountains, acting like I know how to do yoga and enjoying a beautiful day with my husband, Justin.

14) Start a tennis match or hit a tennis ball against a wall.

15) Get a group together and play volleyball or badminton.

16) Go swimming in a lake or pool.  Play water polo or volleyball…Remember the game Marco Polo?!


17) For a cardio workout- 20 min run/treadmill, 20 min bike, 20 min elliptical or stair climber (or 10 min of each)


18) Playground workouts! (There is a post to come on playground workouts :))

Here is my sister and my nephew playing on a cool fall day.


19) Yard games! Bocce ball, croquet, beanbag toss, horse shoes… Yard games are the best for when you have people over.

20) Shoot some hoops. Remember PIG or Around the World?

21) Walk your dog and/or your neighbor’s!




22) Throw a football with pass routes.

23) Run stairs! (go to a high school football stadium, find stairs in your town (local church, college campus, walking paths sometimes have stairs, or use your own stairs in your house!)

24) Interval training (There is a post to come on  interval workouts ;))

25) Run hills! (sledding is a great way to make this a fun activity)

26) Rollerblade! or roller skate.

27) Rake leaves and bag ’em up (don’t bag up your dog though!).


28) Shovel snow in your driveway and your neighbor’s (actually using a shovel none of this 4 wheeler business).

29) Yard work…Gardening, mowing (push not ride), weeding, fertilizing…


30) House work… clean, re-arrange, organize, vacuum, sweep (put some music on and go to town).

Hope this helped get a little creative juices flowing for your next workout.

Don’t allow monotony be an excuse for skipping a working out! Spice things up!

Let’s Be Robust!


About Julie Shobe

I'm a registered dietitian (RD) who has a passion for eating a balanced diet, staying active and loving the Lord.
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