Avocado Pasta Sauce

Robust Recipe: Avocado Pasta Sauce 


Avocado pasta sauce? Yes. It is delicious. Avocado is a wonderful source of heart healthy monounsaturated fat that help cholesterol levels come down and your healthy cholesterol go up! Not to mention garlic (crushed) has some great heart healthy benefits as well! Garlic helps open up blood vessels and decrease plaque build up. So serve yourself up a tasty bowl of whole grain pasta (make sure to get your fiber by using whole grain) with avocado sauce!



1-2 avocado

1 handful cherry tomatoes

2-3 garlic cloves

Splash of lemon and lime juice

If you want to add protein to the dish: 2 chicken breast or ~4-6 chicken tenderloin, cut into bite size pieces

Whole grain pasta

Directions: (Easiest directions ever.)

1) Puree avocado, tomatoes, garlic, lemon and lime juice together in food processor.

2) Cook chicken on a non stick pan. I added some lemon juice to the chicken while it was cooking and it gave it a fun zest.

3) Serve over cooked whole grain pasta.

Be sure to share and enjoy!

Justin and I had a contest for presentation….Which one do you like best?!



Justin’s Bowl?


My bowl?

Either way, we both ended up loving it!



Let’s Be Robust!


About Julie Shobe

I'm a registered dietitian (RD) who has a passion for eating a balanced diet, staying active and loving the Lord.
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2 Responses to Avocado Pasta Sauce

  1. Paige says:

    Why is Justin eating out of your bowl?! 🙂 must be so good he had to have yours too. Can’t wait to try this! I love avocados!

  2. Julie Shobe says:

    You are so observant! I “decorated” his bowl and he “decorated” mine. I’m pretty sure we both ate all of our helpings 🙂
    Let me know how you like it!

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