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Boring Workouts?

Fitness Tip: Boring Workouts? I don’t know about you, but I get really bored of some of my workouts… Here are some ideas to spice up your calorie burning sessions for all seasons of the year! 1) Watch a movie or a … Continue reading

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Robust Recipe: Meatloaf I don’t care that people make fun of meatloaf. I love it. My Mom always made my Grandma’s delicious meatloaf growing up, and I’ve taken that recipe and made it a smidgen healthier by sneaking veggies and flax seed into it! … Continue reading

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Mexican Lasagna!

Robust Recipe: Mexican Lasagna This might be my new favorite dish. I got this idea from a co-worker and made up the recipe with ideas from her black bean Mexican lasagna. It’s g-free, loaded with veggies and lean protein, a good … Continue reading

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Avocado Pasta Sauce

Robust Recipe: Avocado Pasta Sauce  Avocado pasta sauce? Yes. It is delicious. Avocado is a wonderful source of heart healthy monounsaturated fat that help cholesterol levels come down and your healthy cholesterol go up! Not to mention garlic (crushed) has … Continue reading

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Last Minute Egg Burrito

Robust Recipe: Last Minute Egg Burrito  Ok, I’m telling you we had almost nothing left in our refrigerator and we needed lunch ASAP. So, I scrounged up these ingredients to make a quick, delicious high protein lunch. So when you need something fast that is going … Continue reading

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Quinoa Pizza

Robust Recipe: Quinoa Pizza! I’ve made Quinoa Pizza a few times for different guests we’ve had over for dinner and these individual sized pizzas have been well received. I got the idea for these from a couple different pinterest sites, however have tweaked … Continue reading

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