Before, During and After Grocery Shopping Money Saving Tips!

Robust Eating Tip:  Before, During and After Grocery Shopping Money Saving Tips!

Don't be eating all of your cash!

Avoid eating all of your extra cash!

I don’t know about you but when I go to the grocery store hungry I tend to buy a little more than I had planned on (which leads to spending more than I planned on). Not to mention the extra food I tend to buy usually is not on my grocery list and could be categorized as “junk food.” Whoops! Not only adding to my money spent but also to my waist line.

In order to avoid buying those extra calories (A.K.A. losing money) to sit in my house just waiting for me to eat them, I try to follow a few simple grocery shopping tips that I’ve learned to do before I go shopping, while I’m shopping, and after shopping . Hope you find some of these tips helpful to keep to your healthy eating budget for calories and cash!

Here they are:


Plan your meals for the week and when you will use leftovers for meals.

Plan to shop 1 time a week.

Correlate fruits and vegetables for the meals you have planned for that week. Make the most out of the produce you buy.

Look for coupons, sales and specials for items you were already planning on buying.

Sign up for free store discount cards.

Make a shopping list based off of the meals you plan on making for that week.

If leftovers are not popular at your house, buy only the amount your family will eat for that week to reduce food waste (aka money wasted).

Make a food budget and stick to it.

Plan to be versatile with the foods you buy. For example, fruit can be used in salads, desserts, sides or as a snack.


Do not shop when you are hungry, this will help you stick to your planned shopping list. Eat a healthy snack before you go if you are hungry (example may be, piece of fruit, low-fat yogurt or some veggies and hummus).

Try to shop the outer edge of the grocery store. There are usually more produce and fresh foods there.

Try store brand items, they cost less.

Compare items for the best deal, pay attention to the amount in the package and cost. Look for cost of item per ounce to help you figure out what brand is cheapest.

Sometimes items in “bulk or family packs” cost less.

Check expiration and sell by dates. Buy the freshest food possible so it will last longer.

Buy whole fruits and vegetables not the pre-cut fruit and vegetables. Plan to cut your produce at home and save.

Buy produce when it is in season– See ” Eating Healthy on a Budget” for a list of when fruit and vegetables are in season.

If you are trying something new, buy a small amount just in case you do not like it.

Shop at larger grocery stores instead of small convenience stores.

Avoid that candy, pop and chip isle (and all the extra single items by the check out)!


Store food right away.

Freeze food to prevent spoiling (meat, fruit, vegetables or bread). Make sure to label and date the item.

Divide food intro individual portions to help portion control and decrease waste.

Use foods with the earliest expiration dates first.

When preparing a meal, double or triple the recipe. Store in containers for 1-2 meals and freeze.

Be creative with extra produce. With leftover fruit, make smoothies. With leftover vegetables make salsa!


Hope your dinner is cheaper and healthier than Justin’s!

Hope these money-saving tips help you buy smart and healthy! What other money-saving tips do you do while at the grocery store?

Let’s Be Robust!


About Julie Shobe

I'm a registered dietitian (RD) who has a passion for eating a balanced diet, staying active and loving the Lord.
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    those pictures are awesome haha!

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