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Raspberry Smoothie!

Robust Recipe: Raspberry Smoothie! Here is another one folks! This has ~20gm protein so it definitely fills ya up and keeps you satisfied! The kefir and Greek yogurt both have probiotics, vit D and calcium (three important nutrients for our … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Banana Flax Smoothie

Robust Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Flax Smoothie  This is how I started my day today. I literally went to bed last night wanting a banana peanut butter smoothie. So I made my wish come true:) It was delicious and kept me … Continue reading

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Before, During and After Grocery Shopping Money Saving Tips!

Robust Eating Tip:  Before, During and After Grocery Shopping Money Saving Tips! I don’t know about you but when I go to the grocery store hungry I tend to buy a little more than I had planned on (which leads to … Continue reading

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Salmon Cakes

Robust Recipe: Salmon Cakes Salmon, a wonderful fish with plenty of anti-inflammatory, omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s may help reduce risk of heart disease, cancer, arthritis and other chronic diseases. These salmon cakes also have iron, calcium, protein and even a little … Continue reading

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