Tips For Getting Up To Workout

Robust Fitness Tip: Getting Out of Bed

I often plan to get up before work to get my activity in before the day begins… However, I’d guess that happens about 50% of the time. That snooze button or my heavy eyes take over a lot of my willpower that I thought I was going to have the night before. Although, I’ve noticed that my success rate increases when I do a few simple things before I go to bed the night before… Hopefully you can take some of these suggestions and make them you’re own if you so aspire to start your day off with a morning calorie burn.

1) The night before, set your workout clothes next to your bed. This way when you wake up you can just lean over your bed and start getting dressed. I usually make sure to have a sweatshirt just in case the house is a little chilly and a hair binder to throw my hair back. Another idea is to sleep in your clothes if that’s comfortable for you.

2) Set your alarm for 15 minutes before you want to workout. This gives you time to dress, brush your teeth, drink some water, drive to the gym or leave for a jog outside.
3) Go to bed earlier than you normally would. More sleep = easier to get up in the AM… I’ve started to set a “go to bed” alarm on my phone, it helps me at least start thinking about wrapping whatever evening activity I am caught up in, to start getting ready for bed.

4) Assess your week. If you know you have plans after work a couple days that week, plan to workout before work on those days. Knowing my weekly schedule gives me more motivation to get up and get my workout in if I know it will be difficult that week.
5) Check the weather. If it’s weather you’re comfortable with, plan on doing your workout outside instead of taking the time to go to the gym. This allows for a little bit longer time in bed. 🙂
6) Don’t press the snooze! Snooze makes it so much easier to stay in bed and a lot more difficult to reward yourself with healthy activity.
7) Set your thermostat to start warming up the house about 10-15 minutes before you want to get up. This way it’s not freezing and you’re not tempted to stay cuddled up in your warm comforter.
8) If you share a bed with someone, let your significant other know you’d like to get up early and workout. They might want to join and/or may make it less difficult for you to get out of bed!

Good luck! I’d love to hear other ideas you have for starting your day off with some movement!

Here’s to happy AM activity!!!

Let’s Be Robust!


About Julie Shobe

I'm a registered dietitian (RD) who has a passion for eating a balanced diet, staying active and loving the Lord.
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