Peppermint Chocolate Popcorn

Peppermint Chocolate Popcorn

peppermint popcorn in martini glass


peppermint popcorn ingredients

1)4-7 Cups Popped Popcorn (Made in your own popcorn maker- none of this microwave stuff)

2)Butter Flavored Cooking Spray

3) 1/2-3/4 Milk Chocolate Chips (or White or Dark!)

4) 2-4 Candy Canes Crushed

5) Sea Salt to Taste


1) Pop popcorn in popcorn maker using butter flavored cooking spray instead of using additional butter and oil


popped popcorn

2) After popcorn has popped spray with butter flavored cooking spray and sprinkle with some sea salt

3) Melt handful of chocolate chips in the microwave for ~45 seconds

melted chocolate

4) Mix melted chocolate into popcorn and coat all kernels


5) Mix in crushed candy canes in with the popcorn


6) Let cool completely or enjoy semi-warm (this will be messy!!!)

7) Package in airtight container- Makes a great holiday snack to bring to a party and share with your friends and family.

peppermint popcorn with candy cane

Let’s Be Robust!

Justin Loves the Popcorn:)

Justin Loves the Popcorn:)


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