Treadmill Season

Fitness Tip: Treadmill Season

Yep, It’s getting to be that time of year…Treadmill season. As much as I love running outside, I do enjoy the consistency and control you have while running on a treadmill.

Here are some of my treadmill workouts…Most of the time I run with the treadmill at, 1-2 elevation. Also, if my pace is either too slow or too fast for you, adjust it to your speed and increase in similar increments that I do throughout the run…for example if I start a run at 8ish min mile pace and end at 7ish min mile pace, and your ability is about a 9ish min mile pace, start at 10:00 and end at 9:00. Savvy? 🙂

Key:  P=Min Mile Pace; E= Elevation; Mi=Mile

Workout 1- Intervals: 1Mi warm up (8P, 1E); 1/2Mi (7:15P, 2E); 1/2Mi (9P, 2E); Repeat 1/2 Mi segments 3-6 times, end with 5-10 min cool down at P of your choice (1E).

Workout 2- HILL: 1Mi warm up (8:30ish P, 1E); 2 min (8ish P- hold P throughout whole workout) (2E);1 min @ (1 E);  2 min (3E); 1 min(1E),  2 min ( 4E); 1 min (1E); 2 min (5E); 1 min (1E); 2 min ( 6E); 1 min (1E); 2 min (7E); 1 min (1E), 2 min (6E); 1 min (1E); 2 min (5E); 1 min (1E); 2 min (4E); 1 min (3E); 1 min (1E); 2 min (2E); Cool down 10ish P for 5-10 min. – Basically, at your own speed, gradually work your way up in elevation in 2 min increments with 1 min @ 1 elevation periods between elevation changes (you don’t have to stop at elevation of 7!) Work your way down in elevation and speed following same pattern you used to go up hill.

Workout 3- Thresh-hold: Warm up 10 min at a slower pace (9-10ish P); 7:20ish P (1-2E) for anywhere between 15-45 min (depending on what your training ability is); cool down with a slow jog 9-12ish P for 10 min.

Workout 4- Basic 5 mile: Run at 8ish P first mile; 7:45ish P 2nd mile; 7:30ish P 3rd mile; 7:15ish P 4th mile; 7:00ish P 5th mile; cool down 5-10 min at your own pace. E should be anywhere between 1-3 the whole time, add random E (4-6) when you feel like it for 30-60 sec periods. Also you can make this one into a 4 mile, 6 mile, 8 mile run…just increase time of each mile by 15 seconds.

Workout 5-  Intervals #2: Warm up 9ish P for 5-10 min (1E); 5 min intervals at 7ish P (2E); 5 min at 9ish P (2E); repeat 5 min intervals 3-5 times; cool down at 9-12 P for 5-10 min.

Workout 6- Hills #2: Warm-up 1 mile 8:30 P (0-1E);  8ish P throughout duration of run; 2 min (2E); 2 min (3E); 2 min (4E); 2 min (5E), 2 min (4E); 2 min (3E); 2 min (2E); 2 min (1E); 1 min (1E); 1 min (3E); 1 min (5E); 1 min (7E); 1 min (9E); 1 min (7E); 1 min (5E); 1 min (3E); 1 min (1E);  3 min (3E); 3 min (6E); 3 min (3E); 3 min (1E); cool down (0E) at P of your choice for 5-10 min.

Workout 7- Fun run!: Start at 8:30ish P, increase and decrease P and E at your leisure! Make your way up to E of 5 and hold for at least 1 min (try to do 1 time every 1-2ish Mi), increase and slow down your speed no more than a min from your starting pace (9:30-7:30),  run for 30-60 min.

Hope you enjoy these and find them a challenge.

Let’s Be Robust!


About Julie Shobe

I'm a registered dietitian (RD) who has a passion for eating a balanced diet, staying active and loving the Lord.
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4 Responses to Treadmill Season

  1. Whitney says:

    Thanks for posting these Julie!

  2. Bethany says:

    This is actually really helpful. I have a treadmill in the gym at my apartment complex and have finally started using it….:) It get’s boring but I’m going to try some of these!

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